Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog of the Week: The Hunter's Wife

This week's blog of the week is already familiar to some of you - The Hunter's Wife. It is owned by Jody, who really is a hunter's wife. Jody is a self-proclaimed city girl who uses her blog to highlight the humor in being married to an outdoors kinda guy and everything that goes along with that. She has a knack for finding the funny, too! 

While outdoor humor is the focus of her blog, Jody also includes other interests, some funny and some serious. She has done some high profile interviews as well as being interviewed herself and has done several reviews. Being the social butterfly that she is, Jody can be found on both Twitter (@thehunterswife) and on Facebook

The Hunter's Wife is not only one of the funniest blogs around, but also one of the most professional looking blogs on the Web. If you haven't visited Jody's blog before, you really should. She updates it regularly and it's a very enjoyable read! To use Jody's own words, "I feed squirrels and hug little baby deer. In my borrowed camouflage." 


texwisgirl said...

She's very funny and quite "sparkly" (fluffy, girly-girl, hair/make-up/nails/jewels and the like.) Love that down-to-earth hunter husband. You know what they say about opposites. Thanks for the blinking arrow over to her part of the web-o-sphere!

The Hunter's Wife said...

Thank you Brian. How cute and sweet of you! Honored to be a part of your Blog of the Week.

And thank you texwisgirl for the sweet comments.

Anonymous said...

Kudo's to you, BJK, for the insight to include Jody's blog as your Blog of the Week. Jody was among the first bloggers who encouraged me and shared some giggles with me when I first started my blogging time. She is indeed my Blog Buddy!

Dennis said...

Way to go for the spotlight on Jody's blog Brian!!

As Mel stated Jody also inspired me (she probably doesn't know that) to keep blogging at a time when I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go.

Jody's blog is hands down one of the best out there...follow Brian's lead and bookmark won't be sorry :)

larryb said...

This is a real nice and well deserved focus post for our gal Jody Brian! Excellent use of power links too. You're rock'n 'em brother blogger B! :-)