Friday, December 3, 2010

Close Encounter. Or Deer Gone Wild.

This is a short 24 second clip from a video my brother shot while he was hunting. Adam was sitting between rows of a cornfield and had attached his video camera to a cornstalk next to him. You are essentially seeing everything from his point of view. Watch closely what happens 14 seconds into the video.

You can hear the buck coming just moments before he blasts into view and you can hear my brother as he realizes what's happening. Adam said it really startled him! If you've ever hunted in a standing cornfield, you know about the limited visibility. A tad bit closer and Adam would have been buck roadkill!


Joe said...

WOW! That is great. I believe I would pack it in for the day. lol.

Stephanie and Dustin said...

Holy moly! That buck was on the MOVE! EEK! -Stephanie

Dawn said...

I think my heart would have had had enough for one hunting day.
I can't believe he stayed that calm. I would have fell over and my yell wouldn't have ended there.
True hunter.

Anonymous said...

Well I would be headed in to change my shorts after that! Wow! Very cool video capture!

texwisgirl said...

Crapola! Way too close for comfort! Would've freaked me out to no end.

I bet your brother just loves that you're sharing his moment of panic with the blogging world. :) He's pretty smart for rigging his video cam to the cornstalk tho!

LB @ brokenwoodenspoon said...

OMG! I would have fell right out! My day would have been kaput after that.

DeanO said...

That was great...looks like he almost got stepped upon!

Dennis said... about some days you get the deer, some days the deer gets you....he came close to feeling the pain...that had to be an adrenal dump. Awesome clip!!!

Bill said...

Not sure what else to say but LOL! Great clip!