Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guest Post: Pickin' Up The Slack

It seems like it's been so long since I last posted that I could qualify to be a guest on my own blog - so here I am. I appreciate Brian giving me this opportunity to step in and pick up his slack! Let's be honest, y'all don't really like reading his drivel, anyway! 

I do apologize for my absence in the comments section of all your wonderful blogs! Earlier yesterday I actually had a bit of time and was able to catch up on a few blogs. I hope to get around to a few more soon. Since I haven't had much computer time, I feel completely out of touch just after an absence of a couple of weeks.

Late last month, my friend, Kari, announced her retirement from I Don't Wear Pink Camo to the Woods. It was a real shock to me since she has always been a hardcore blogger and I was reading her stuff long before I ever thought about starting my blog. I never dreamed she would give it up, but she has very good reasons for doing so and I would make the same decision in a heartbeat. It's all about priorities. Kari is an excellent writer and I wanted to say publicly that I will miss her blog very much. I hope someday when priorities shift again that we will hear from her once more.

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, whenever the heck that was, I have something going on that is keeping me very, very busy. It's a good thing, but unfortunately, extremely time consuming. I anticipate being scarce until at least the end of this month. Once it's over, though, I should get some free time back and have the opportunity to do some writing. If you want to know the whole truth, the main reason you're seeing this is because my taskmaster....er, good friend, TexWisGirl, at The Run*A*Round Ranch Report, tends to keep leering over my shoulder....er, checking on me to see how things are going. I decided I'd better cough up something to buy myself some time! (I'm kidding, of course, but not really.)

I also mentioned that I was going to be fishing bass tournaments for the first time. Those tourneys officially started last Saturday. Where was I? Well, not in the boat. As it turns out, I had something unexpected arise that prevented me from fishing the first tournament. Fortunately, we have a back-up angler who filled in for me. I was able to pre-fish the lake last Thursday with my partner, Jim, so we could at least try to locate some fish and establish a pattern. While it was a good idea in theory, it turned out to be a miserable day. The air temperature never got above 38 degrees and the water temperature was a consistent 46 degrees. It was overcast, dark, and a very cold day to be on the water. My fingers got so numb at one point that I could barely turn the reel handle and I couldn't tie a knot any longer. 

We spent all day on the lake and Jim managed to catch a single musky - our only bite of the day and it wasn't even our target fish. If they're in the mood, though, muskies will hit darn near anything, including little bass lures. This 8,300 acre lake is known as the Musky Capital of the South so incidental catches are common. We located plenty of fish, but simply could not entice a bite from the bass no matter what we offered them.

One cool thing about the lake is that it's a bald eagle nesting area. If you're there at the right time, you can often see eagles or ospreys. There are several areas around the lake which are off limits due to active nesting and they will close off areas on short notice when new nests are found.

I talked to Jim after last Saturday's tournament and he said the conditions were awful again. He said he had never seen the waves as big as they were that day. Soooo, if I had to miss a tournament, it appears that first one was a good one to miss! Once Ma Nature decides what she's going to do, we hope the conditions will be better for the other tournaments.

That's my huge update. And what you've learned is that I'm still busy - like anyone cares. Please don't think I'm neglecting your individual blogs because I'm not. I'm neglecting them all equally! Kidding. I will be visiting and commenting when I have some free time like I did yesterday. I do have a very nice reader on my iPhone that I use to keep up with all the blogs, but I can only read, it doesn't allow me to comment. It does have a nice feature that lets me post directly to Twitter from within the reader. For you bloggers who are on Twitter, I'll still be tweeting your new blog posts on the fly like I always do. I do more from my phone than I do the actual computer....with the exception of commenting, unfortunately.

I'll post when I can during this busy month. TexWisGirl already has me under the gun for a post I owe her. I haven't forgotten. It's not like I could, anyway.... 


Dawn said...

Well it's great to hear you're still out there enjoying nature...regardless of the weather;)
Bald Eagle nesting...THAT would be a site to behold!

Life calls us away from blogville every so often. No worries. Just don't take so long next time;)))

Albert Quackenbush said...

Hi Brian, nice to meet you. That other guy was just getting, well, you know.

In all seriousness, I know exactly what you mean Brian. Life happens and you get busy. Especially when you are outdoors, have a family and if you are like me, have a hard time just sitting in front of the computer getting everything typed up after a long day in the outdoors.

It's good to know you are still alive and kicking. Go catch some bass and win a tourney! We need a good story to read. ;)-


texwisgirl said...

Taskmaster T checking in - or checking ON you... ;)

Thanks for guest posting on your own spot. (Great, now my "leering" has caused a schizophrenic break...) Before I start getting hate emails, let me just say it was nice to hear from you2, and I TOTALLY understand you're busy, busy, busy. Sorry you missed the tourney, but sounds like you didn't miss much. (Poor Jim and Sub Angler).

Stay well, stay on top of your priority project. We'll be here whenever you (or your alter ego) get back...

Nancy said...

You know, Blogger does have a phone app where you can blog by phone. I'm just sayin'...

Have missed you. See you occasionally on Facebook, but I've been off of there for awhile, so it's hit and miss.

Obviously, you have a life outside of Bloggerville. How rude! You need to adjust your priorities, Brian. ;)

Sall's Country Life said...

How anyone can balance work, family, sports, house...throw in blogging, it's a miracle we get anything done! I'm glad you are still here and at least getting a little fishing in. Better luck next time. I'll have my fingers crossed for a bald eagle sighting! Take care and happy fishing!

Anonymous said...

Well howdy there you! Nice to see a post making it's way onto the blog here because I do so love to visit!

Thank you also for the kind words.

I am completely honored and blown away by the things everyone has said since I "made the choice." Sure makes a gal feel good.

Thanks again for your kind words MRH. They sure mean allot to me and if there is anything I can ever do for ya, you let me know.

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

What!? Wait!? You been MIA!? Huh....I kid, I kid. I've missed you...just don't tell anybody though.

And you best get on the ball because I don't think it's healthy to get on the bad side of TexWis.

Joe said...

Good to see you back. With Spring and warmer weather I'm starting to get pressed for time to.

Deer Passion said...

Of course we enjoy your drivel... and everyone needs a break now and then. Keep writing.. you have a wonderful thing here :)