Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Took A Walk (Part 2)

Now I'll finish the walk I started in Part 1. Thanks for tagging along!

Continuing my walk
The fly wouldn't leave
The invasive Bush Honeysuckle. Native to Asia.
A distant farm
Hedge apple or osage orange (called horse apples in Texas)
Lots of character
Like humans, deer will also use the path of least resistance
Still walking
More fungi
I liked the various colors in this
One of several bridges I crossed
Weathered old barn
Even more fungi
Some fancy stone work
Handmade stone fence. Common in Kentucky.
Close up of the stone fence
Following the stone fence
No trolls under this dinky little bridge
I really liked the colors in this one, too
Moss covered rock ledge
The muddy Kentucky River
Cliffs above the river
My walk continues
Burst of yellow
Rough Green Snake
He started on the ground and climbed until he was above me
More meadow
He was nice enough to pose for me
The End (literally)


TexWisGirl said...


loved the green snake. what a beauty. and the buckeye butterfly is one of my faves. i want a stone fence!!! sadly, no cliffs to produce the materials here...

yes, we call those horse apples or bois d'arc (pronounced bo-dark) apples. and your shell-like fungi are pretty cool too. nice walk, bjk!

Samantha said...

Sweet snake!

I want a stonework fence some them.

Sall's Country Life said...

I enjoyed that walk! Stunning views the whole way! Looks a little warmer than here, fungi would've froze here last night!

Mel said...

More great work, Brian! All of your pictures stand out in one way or another. Appreciate you sharing with us readers and lookers.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Again -- amazing photos, Brian. I love that stone fence with the arch. Beautiful! :)

Dawn said...

Horse Apples...what ARE they? Never seen anything like THAT before!
That stone work is beautiful and I am in love with all the bridges. NOT the snake though! ;D

heyBJK said...

There are a lot of those stone fences in this part of the state. In some places, they have been restored and are now protected. I can't imagine the hours of work that go into building something like that.

The hedge apples are pretty common around here. Apparently, some people use them to repel insects in their the house, but there's some question as to their effectiveness. I don't know what other uses they might have.

Thanks for the comments! I had fun looking for photo subjects on that walk.

Northeastern Trapper said...

Great photo's Brian. Beautiful country there.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Fantastic series of photos . all but the snake. We dont have many way up here in Canada and if we do I dont see them .

Carole Meisenhelter said...

you saw so much on this walk! Nice variety of photographs; I love the fungi, the mosses, the dinky bridge :), and the stone walls - interesting to note the little opening at the bottom of. To let the little critters through?? But then it's been blocked in part with some loose stones? That rough green snake looks like a long string bean ..lovely colour, rather like our green tree snakes.