Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Waterfowl Mob Scene

Feathered Feeding Frenzy

Bread. That one word turned a gaggle of waterfowl into a mob of chaos and mayhem. Some people threw what I assume was bread off the bridge and you would have thought it was the last supper for these birds. Geese were chasing ducks, geese were chasing geese, ducks were chasing ducks, and they were all fighting for a morsel. Honestly, I've seen swine eat in a more neat and orderly fashion.

Don't Copy Me

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Apparently, this mallard really admires geese. He wanted to do whatever the goose was doing.

Goose: Maybe if I hide, this silly duck will go away.

Duck: I can do that. What's the big deal? Hey, my car keys!
Goose: *sigh* I'm surrounded by morons.

Wash and Dry

First, you start off by making sure you are completely wet.

Then comes the air dry cycle.

One-legged Stand

When I first saw this goose at a distance, I assumed he was doing the typical waterfowl one-legged stand. As I got closer, though, I noticed he was missing an entire foot. I'm guessing his one-legged stand is permanent.


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Poor goosey! I wonder if it got caught in a trap of some kind?

Great photos, Brian. I see you've joined the "black background" ranks. Looks good! :)

TexWisGirl said...

the 2nd photo with the ducks looking up is too cute. and that 'anything-you-can-do-i-can-do-better' set is too funny!

i do like the black and gray as well. :)

Samantha said...

Wonder if a snapping turtle got the goose?
Loved the first series..and I had flashbacks of our recent duck/goose feeding experience.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

WOW! That's pretty awesome to see that he is surviving with the one foot. My Dad raised different geese and ducks before getting involved with a wildlife rescue group. They would bring out injured waterfowl and other birds that needed to be released back into a semi protective environment. Mostly they were birds that were injured in oil spills but we had a swan with one foot. We never knew how he lost it. When the birds got strong enough they flew away and we never saw them again. Dad must have treated the swan well because he never left! haha.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Lovely Lovely series. I had to laugh at a few . Who knew ducks could catch a ride like that.

Gretchen Steele said...

Oh my goodness! What a visual and verbal treat this post was! My favorite subjects are waterfowl and you have done such a great job with this. I absolutely love the photos and the captions - PERFECT! BIG BIG thumbs up!

heyBJK said...

I'd like to know how the goose lost his foot. I guess it could have been any number of ways, including a trap or turtle. I never saw him put that leg down.

I get bored with a blog design after a while and have to change it up. I think the photos pop just a bit more against a dark background, although it isn't my favorite for reading.

Thank you, Gretchen! That's very kind of you! I appreciate the visit!

LB, T, Nancy, Lisa - Thanks for the compliments! :-)

Dawn said...

That is too many in the bath for sure! What a mob;)
And I like the copy-quack. Very cute:D

Have a wonderful weekend Brian!