Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog of the Week: A "Focus" In The Wild

This blog of the week belongs to Stacey Huston and is called A "Focus" In The Wild. Stacey is an accomplished wildlife photographer, hunter, wife, and mother. In addition, Stacey is a licensed falconer and raptor rehabilitation expert. She lives with her family in Wyoming where there are plenty of subjects for her photography.

Stacey's photos are truly stunning! She has photographed everything from bears and elk to rabbits and birds of prey. Her blog is a joy to look at and her work has been featured on the covers of several magazines. Stacey routinely puts out free desktop calendars featuring her photos.

Check out Stacey's fan page on Facebook where you can find some of her wonderful photographs. You owe it to yourself to visit A "Focus" In The Wild. Stacey has an amazing talent that you really need to see! Her photos are second to none!


The Hunter's Wife said...

Love Stacey's blog. And I'm trying to catch up on things I've missed the past couple of months. Congrats on the new blog! Will add you to my blogroll.

Cory Glauner said...

Stacey has a great blog and is a great talent. I appreciate people who appreciate the simple things in life.

troutrageous1 said...

Today was a good day. Was introduced to two great blogs - A Focus on the Wild and heyBJK - you're doing some nice stuff over here. Look forward to visiting often.