Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: Magnum Boots Work Horse 6.0

Before I get into the review, I want to take care of some business first. I'll start by saying I am an official field tester for Magnum Boots USA. I am not employed by Magnum Boots, however they do send me products to evaluate. In exchange, they want honest feedback on their products to include the good, bad, and ugly. They do this so they can provide the best possible products to their customers. 

The two major careers I've had in my lifetime have required me to wear boots. I've worn many styles of boots from many different manufacturers. Over the course of my life, I've spent more time in boots than any other kind of footwear. At this point, I know what to look for in quality boots and what is required for a pair of boots to work for me. I've had Magnum boots in the past - long before I became a field tester.

I say that so you know I'm not promoting Magnum boots just because I'm a field tester. The folks at Magnum are seeing this review for the very first time just like everyone else. It has not been proofed, edited, or approved by anyone except me.


Magnum Boots Work Horse 6.0 Review

I have been wearing the Work Horse boots for several weeks. If I had to pick a single aspect of the boots that really stands out to me it would be comfort. I can say without hesitation that these are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. As with any kind of footwear, if they aren't comfortable you aren't going to enjoy wearing them and probably won't keep them for long. The padding on the tongue and around the ankle is very, very good. The cushioning in the foot bed is top notch. To me, walking in these boots is like walking in a good pair of tennis shoes. They are also quiet. They don't give off that loud "clomping" sound that some boots do.

Work Horse 6.0

Here are the ingredients in the Work Horse 6.0. The boots have a full-grain leather upper. They are waterproof with a breathable membrane. They have a Cambrelle® moisture-wicking lining and an Agion™ antimicrobial treatment. The boots are made with Coats Barbour anti-fraying stitching thread and durable non-metallic composite hardware. Inside you will find a lightweight compression-molded EVA midsole and a M-PACT contoured sockliner with memory foam. They have an X-Traction outsole and are electrical hazard resistant. 

Waterproof boots are pretty standard nowadays, but some are better than others. I like to test the waterproof capability of all my boots. To test these boots, I stood in a cold creek with the water covering the top of my feet. I knew if there were any "leaks" it wouldn't take long to feel the cold water. I'm pleased to say my feet stayed bone dry.

I haven't just worn the Work Horse boots for general everyday wear. I've hiked in them in the woods at our cabin, worn them while working a new food plot, and most recently while doing construction projects. They are lightweight and have excellent traction. The sizing of these particular boots is spot on. I wear a size 11 in boots and these are neither too wide nor too constricting.

Because I have been testing these boots to provide feedback to Magnum, I have really been looking for something to disappoint me. So far, I haven't found anything. There has been no fraying of the stitching. The soles have held up perfectly. There are no gaps in the seams. And I already mentioned the waterproofing.

As with any tool, you have to use the proper tool for the job at hand. For example, these boots are not insulated so I would not wear them to sit in a tree stand for hours in sub-freezing temperatures. I have hunting boots for that purpose and that's not what the Work Horse boots are designed for. They are intended for work and everyday wear. They would be perfectly acceptable as a warm weather hunting boot if you chose to wear them for that purpose.

Footwear is a very personal choice. What fits good on me won't necessarily fit well on everyone else. Just like when you go into a shoe store to buy new shoes. You see something you like and try it on. You know immediately if those particular shoes feel right. If they don't feel good, you put them back and move on. For me personally, these boots beat anything else I have in comfort. I enjoy wearing them. If they weren't comfortable I wouldn't wear them. Period. And if I wouldn't wear them myself, I would never recommend them to others. That's not how I conduct business.

If this is the style of boot you like, you would do well to take a close look at them when making your next purchase. They are well made and, if I haven't already mentioned it, comfortable!

Magnum boots are available at many dealers online. To find a dealer near you, check the Magnum Boots website.


Trey said...

I would like to get in on the give away! Being in the financial filed, I do not get to wear boots everyday, but the weekends are a different story. I am either in the field or working in the yard. Why do I need the free boots?? I have a wife and two kids that steal all of my money! :)

texwisgirl said...

I'd like to get in on the giveaway for my husband! He works for FEMA so is often on his feet for long periods of time. Also, when he's around home, he volunteers with a Texas search and rescue group so tromps through fields and woods during training exercises as well as actual searches. I'd love for him to get a good pair of boots that would be comfortable and supportive for his wear and tear.


Dennis said...

Though I could use a pair for this Winter's hikes, and can relate to Treys empty pockets (LOL) a former public servant I'm entering my slot for texwisgirl's husband. My hat's off to anyone that does a job like FEMA and then volunteers their own free time to attempt help people further.

Outstanding review Brian...they look like great boots. I also love the way you structured this entry (thumbs up)

Very nice of you folks at Magnum Boots! (two thumbs up)

troutrageous1 said...

Great review, thanks to you & Magnum for offering the giveaway opportunity!

They look like solid boots. Having an office job I don't have a good pair of work boots and those look more than up to the task to help me tackle my weekend "honey do" lists.

Did the Twitter & Facebook stuff, going to write a blog post to pimp your giveaway tomorrow.

Mel said...

First of all, BJK, lots of respect from me to you, on how you handled the intent and layout of this review and give away. Thanks to the folks at Magnum USA, also. It all starts there with their generosity.

I am (61) years old and have spent a lot of time in the outdoors. Mostly fishing and camping. My feet have carried me to every experience I have had. I think it is about time I pay my feet back with what appears to be a great boot as thanks for all they have done for me.

I don't do Twitter, but, I will hit the like button over on Facebook tonight. Thanks so much for this opportunity, and, I would be proud to wear a pair of Magnum Work Horse 6.0 Boots.

texwisgirl said...

Oh my gosh! For some reason I came back to this post tonight and saw Dennis' comment re: throwing his entry to my husband. I don't know what to say! For his kindness, I'd like to retract my entry and throw it back to him! I just checked out his blog and he needs some good footwear to keep up with his 3 kids!!! Thanks, Dennis! I really appreciate your kindness, but right back to you!!!

Thanks, BJK, for retracting my entry! I really do enjoy reading what you write - whether its binoculars, boots, or wild game. Keep up the great posts!

FHC Outdoors said...

Great opportunity for any outdoor enthusiast. Thanks to you and Magnum for the chance to win!

As an angler and a person who is always outside, the 6.0 Work Horse boots will keep my feet nice and dry, while helping me maintain traction throughout winter.

I'm familiar with the name from the military, but have never owned a pair. I've commented, tweeted, and facebooked the link; I look forward to also doing a review of them at if I'm chosen!


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)


Randall said...

Your review mentioned some magic words when it comes to boots, “comfort and fit”.
My old boots are worn out and its getting cold here in Colorado. As a retired railroad engineer (the kind that walked and repaired the tracks not one who got to drive the train) I have worn out a lot of boots and comfort and fit are key in the search for replacements. Although rugged and durable also effect my thinking as I hate shopping.
Now retired, I spend a lot of my time walking rivers, streams and mountain trails in a effort to hone my fly fishing skills. My wife says I would be a better fisherman if were more focused on fishing and not always studying the trees, rocks, birds and flowers. I always carry an empty day pack that by the end of each adventure is filled with trash picked up from the river or trail. So, please pass the word, its not OK to dump your your junk in the back woods just because their isn't anyone around. Nice blog, keep the good info coming.


Wolfy said...


GREAT review! And not just because you like them. The telling point for me was saying"... I've been looking for something I don't like, and I can't find anything."

Why would I like a pair of Magnum boots?
1) I am an unrepentant boot junky
2) I've never worn a pair of Magnum boots


richardbrandt said...

Thanks for the review! For me it's the fit, I have to wear inserts for a foot ailment and i have wide feet. This makes it difficult to find comfortable shoe and boots. I'll have to try a pair on.

Slichten said...

Nice review. These seem to be quality boots, which I like. Being hard to fit (12 EEEE or EEEEE), it is always good to find a good pair of boots that fit. Once I find a brand that works well for me, I tend to stick with that brand. If I can win the giveaway and get a pair that fits, I would end up buying several pair in different styles and would recommend them to friends.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I'd like to enter to win these for my husband. He's always saying that it's hard to find a really good pair of water proof boots. He's a bird hunter and we live in one of the wettest spots in the country - N. W. Montana. I'm crossing my fingers and Good luck to everyone!

missy said...

My husband and my sons hunt I would love to win a pair for one of them. twitter fan burgmissy

Casey said...

Heck, I could use a new pair of boots for hunting and doing barn chores! And these sound comfortable as all get out. Sign me up!

Great review, BTW! I've never heard of Magnum, so it's a brand I'll keep an eye out for.


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