Sunday, January 16, 2011

Redux Roundup

Before I get into brand new stuff this year, I just want to briefly follow up on a few things I've mentioned here previously. First and foremost, I want to draw your attention to some fine bloggers I've highlighted for blog of the week. Many of you already follow these folks, but in case one slipped by, here are the blogs up to this point. 

You'll find lots of great information, beautiful photos, and well written articles in these blogs. Check 'em out if you haven't already.

Have you ever read a gear or product review and later down the road wondered if the author still felt the same way about the item in question? I want to briefly follow up on a couple of things I reviewed. The first is my review of the Redfield Rebel 10x42 Binoculars from back in October. I used these all through hunting season in both rain and snow as well as just for general viewing. Several friends and family members also tried them out. My initial assessment stands. These are excellent, well built binoculars! I enjoy using them and foresee having them for many years. The price is very nice, too.

The other product I want to follow up on are the Work Horse 6.0 boots from Magnum Boots USA. I have worn these boots nearly every day and they are just as comfortable now as they were when I wrote the initial review. Lately, they've been exposed to sleet and snow, but my feet stay bone dry. I've experienced no fit or manufacturing issues at all. They still hold the top spot as my favorite pair of boots!

And, finally, this wasn't going to be part of my redux, but I guess it's fitting since it keeps coming back. Once again while trying to get caught up and comment on your fine blogs, I had time out error issues. After an hour and a half and only being able to successfully comment on a few blogs, I gave up in frustration. Blogger is the only site that gives me grief like this. The time out errors I get when trying to comment or just load a blog page are ridiculous. Half the time I can't load my own blog. Maybe they're trying to tell me I stink and should get off their system!

Well, I'm not caving to the establishment. They can kiss my gun-toting, hat wearing, deer hunting, truck driving, horse riding, Bluegrass arse!

Cool. I suddenly feel better.


Nancy said...

I agree with you on Blogger, but I think most of my problems are with Firefox. I switch over to Chrome sometimes when FF is giving me fits.

Glad to see you back in the blogging saddle. I do appreciate your product reviews -- my husband is always looking for some good hunting gear. :)

WeldrBrat said...

I'm standing with ya' on those issues with Blogger. I ended up having to shut one blog down and begin another. Blogger's page coding - somehow - locked in a second posting area that I succombed to after a few days of unsuccessful waiting for responses from several areas. And then - one of my friends in Texas tweets to me that she's not able to post comments - while others have no issue. I've been considering switching from FF to Chrome, myself.

Anonymous said...

Greetings there friend!

Thanks again for mentioning my blog. I'm always thankful for that.

As for your blogger issues, I wonder what the hee-haw causes that? I'm thinkin' that what Nancy is saying has some serious validity to the situation though. I use Chrome all the time and I couldn't tell you the last time I had a problem. (but after saying that, it will be soon....)

Anyways, I hope you get it figured out because I enjoy your blog- allot!

texwisgirl said...

Like a blip on the radar, he appears and is gone again... :)

I second kmurray's "thanks for re-mentioning my blog!" I know it's not the hunter/fisher fodder you normally subscribe to.

BTW, my hubby REALLY LIKES his Magnum Workhorse 6.0 boots! He packed them as part of his travel arsenal and they're in Colorado right now... :) So a big thanks again for hosting that giveaway! Those boots are made for walkin' and wadin' and sloggin' and...

Blogger trips me up every now and then but nothing like you've been experiencing. Hope you get it figured out so you can keep blipping on our radar screens!

Dennis said...

Brian thanks very much for the shout out...I've been having some traffic flow problems since the domain change, akin to a log jamb, ie very little flow..I tried contacting folks through google friend finder which has given me nothing but problems...and have resorted to trying to contact folks one at a again I really appreciate the shout out my friend.

I really enjoy your blog, and what you have to share with when blogger gives ya a fit do what I do...curse, throw a few things around, LOL j/k ;)

heyBJK said...

That's strange because I use Firefox and Chrome and have the loading issue with both browsers. Firefox used to be my main browser, but I've been using Chrome more the past few months and like it better. Even with Chrome, though, I get time out errors. And this is an ongoing thing. I usually have a 50/50 shot at successfully leaving comments. My computer is fairly new, I have a high speed connection, and it's only Blogger that is a problem. I don't get it.

I feel for you, Dennis. I had a rough time with Blogger and Google just to change my Gmail address. I wouldn't want to have to deal with a domain name change. Not considering how difficult they make everything.

I'm very happy to hear your husband likes his boots, Theresa! That's great! I hope they work out for him over the long run.

Thanks for the feedback everybody! At least somebody knows what I'm talking about and I'm not that weird dude with the voices in his head. LOL

texwisgirl said...

Don't give up on technology as we would miss you here in Bloggerville. I know you're a Twitterer and a Facebooker too, but don't leave us bloggers in the dust...

Joe said...

Thanks for the shout out Brian. I run Windows Explorer and can't say I've had many problems...having said that it will be the kiss of death for me now :).