Saturday, February 12, 2011

The U.P. In Pictures

One cold November, several of the guys in my family went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a few days of deer hunting. We stayed in the southern portion of the U.P. not far from Little Bay De Noc. In between hunting, I spent some time taking photos in the local area and even going as far as Lake Superior. This post isn't about the hunting itself, but highlights the scenery we experienced during our trip. This trip is even more special to me now because my late grandfather was one of the guys along on this hunt. 

Covered bridge in winter

Swim at your own risk

Follow the leader


Snowy shoreline

Old Great Lakes freighter

Lake Superior

U.P. village

Snow covered fence line

Smoke on the water

Shoreline deadfall

Icy shore

Lone windmill

Ice cold waterfalls

Long way down

These photos were taken before digital cameras were prevalent. At the time, I used a Canon SLR and 35mm film. You may notice some imperfections in the photos as I had to scan each of them for this post.


Casey said...

But the photos look good! It's nice to see other areas of the country, especially when I can't get there.

Thanks for sharing Brian!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics Brian and I'm with Casey- Thanks for sharing!

texwisgirl said...

This was awesome! Beautiful photos (altho very cold!) I thought it was interesting how the village is all white - you'd think they'd want to see some other color with the winters they get... The frozen falls is beautiful. And loved the russet prairie grasses in the snow...

My oldest sis lives in the U.P. about an hour away from Iron Mountain. Harsh country but beautiful. Lots of trees. Lots of bears. Lots of cold.

Bill said...

Wow for scanned photos those are very nice! Great shots!

Dawn said...

Absolutely beautiful and serene trip! (From my angle anyway;)
Your photos are great! I kept thinking the one I was viewing was my favorite- until I scrolled to the next one.
Swim At Your Own it!

Must have been some trip!

Joe said...

Good pics Brian. Enjoy seeing pics of the different places and thiings.

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

I had a Pentax 35mm a long time ago and sometimes I miss the knowledge one needs to take these types of photos.

I believe the bridge photo is my favorite -- the black and white contrast is perfect. :)

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

Scanned or not...awesome pictures!

Albert Quackenbush said...

Oh man, love the photos and I feel frigid just looking at them! I love a photographer that will still post film shots. Great stuff, Brian!

heyBJK said...

I appreciate the kind words! It was a fun trip. My favorite shot is the fence line photo. I had that enlarged to 8x10 and framed and it looks good.

John said...

For the most part digital cameras are a wonderful thing. Shoot, review, delete or keep for no added cost. Take enough pics and eventually a monkey will capture a masterpiece.
Your unique perspective and relationship with your tool is what makes simple pics art.
Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie and Dustin said...

Scanner imperfections or not, these photos are incredible. Stunning winter scenery. -stephanie