Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Versatile Bloggers

Back in March, TexWisGirl at The Run*A*Round Ranch Report bestowed the Versatile Blogger Award upon me. Part of the requirements for accepting said award are to give it to five other bloggers and tell seven things about yourself. I promised TexWisGirl I would complete the requirements as soon as I could since at that time I was in the middle of house hunting. Well, here it is and I now have one of many monkeys off my back! *smile*

To be blunt, I really hate having to pick bloggers for these awards. There are so many great blogs and most are better than the drivel I have here. Personally, I think whoever created the award should be the one to give it out and let it stop there. However, I accepted the award and believe in abiding by the terms. Without further delay, here are five folks I consider to be versatile in their blogging. 

Each of those bloggers is very good at what they do. If you already follow one or more of them, you know what I mean. If there are some blogs in that list you haven't visited before, I'm going to let you find out for yourself what makes those folks not only good, but versatile. While I might not like having to pick a certain number of people out of so many great ones, it doesn't mean I take it lightly. Each of the bloggers in that list is very deserving. 

Now for the part I truly hate - the seven "things about me". I used up all the good ones for the last award I got. Oh, well.

  1. My best friend and I have been best friends for over 25 years.
  2. I nearly sat on a rattlesnake in the middle of the night in the Texas scrub brush (don't ask).
  3. My worst subject in high school and college was math - despised it.
  4. There are very few foods I don't like - sauerkraut is one of them. Brussels sprout is another.
  5. I visited the DMZ and had the opportunity to stand face-to-face with North Korean soldiers.
  6. Two of my biggest pet peeves are rudeness and just plain stupidity.
  7. I have never had a broken bone or a sprain of any kind, although I did split my forehead wide open as a kid (explains some things).

Now on to a couple of other quick items. My friend, Mel, has closed his Blogger blog "Blog Cabin Angler" and moved everything to his new blog called Ass Backwards Angler which is on WordPress. If you were following him and missed his announcements, you can find him there at the new place. 

I am slowly getting back to normal and hope to be posting "semi-regularly" again. Time is my biggest enemy as it is for many people. In order to maximize my time when writing and when visiting other blogs, I have decided the best way is to visit those folks who have been kind enough to visit and comment here regularly. Before I got tied up with the move, I was visiting quite a few blogs. A very small number of those have owners who have never reciprocated. When my time is limited, those are the blogs I will be skipping. It's the best way I know to make sure I have the opportunity to visit the blogs of the people I interact with the most.

Several of the comments on my last post about being happy with less were lost during Blogger's outage or maintenance. I don't know if they'll be restored, but I wanted to let those folks know I did read them before they disappeared and I appreciate the feedback.

I want to thank TexWisGirl again for the award! She's been very kind to me. Be sure to visit the blogs I listed. They are all high caliber and more deserving than mine. At least they post something more than once or twice a month. *laughing*

11 comments: said...

Of the few that I am familiar with, I would say that you made some good choices on the 5 Versatile Bloggers. I am looking forward to getting to know the others, and also glad to hear that you will soon be posting more regularly.

The Hunter's Wife said...

I think you need to share your rattlesnake story!

Nancy said...

Thank you Brian. I appreciate it very much. :)

Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen said...


Thank you so much for the word of confidence. We are honored by your generosity.

Always enjoy your blog postings, wisdom, and insight.

Pastor Kerry
Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen

texwisgirl said...

woo hoo! manic monkey exiting your shoulder blade as i write this... :)

you picked two of my favorite ladies in the world (dawn & nancy).

having never broken a bone in my life either, i'm rather impressed that you haven't - what with your outdoor activities, horseback riding, military service, etc. you're either careful, lucky, or your guardian angel is working overtime keeping you whole! :)

hoping to see more of you in the future!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brian, thanks for giving my new blog a plug and re-directing readers of my old blog. Much appreciated. As always, look forward to your posts and updates.

Dawn said...

Well Thank you. I hardly feel versatile at the moment;)) Can't wait to read the others you have listed...(aside from Nancy)...I don't believe I've had the pleasure. DO tell your rattlesnake story.....

The Writing Huntress said...

*Blushes* Thank you! I enjoy calling my random ramblings about hunting and things that closely resemble the sport I love "versatile". Absolutely honored.. thank you!


heyBJK said...

You're all welcome! And very deserving!

Thanks, Mark!

Jody, Dawn: As much as I would like to tell the snake story, it would require me to explain why I was where I was and some things are better left untold. :-)

You're welcome, Mel! The new blog looks good!

TexWisGirl - I think I have a VERY good guardian angel.

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

YEAH! I can't wait for you to get back to posting so I have someone to harrass again! Texas T posts too many times in a day to keep up with and harrass ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners! =)

I just came over from TexWisGirl's blog post titled, "Blogger, you're killing me!!!" She said what I've been too chicken to say... LoL!

Have a great weekend!!!