Saturday, December 17, 2011

Red-eared Slider

I came across this little guy one day while photographing herons. I'm not a turtle expert, but I believe it's a Red-eared Slider. He was trying to sun himself on the bank, but wasn't up quite high enough to actually get the sun. If you look at the last photo, you can see what I guess are very tiny aquatic insects on his head. I didn't see them until I got home and looked at the photos in actual size.


Carole Meisenhelter said...

I hadn't realized that the turtles actually like to sun themselves (guess I thought they liked it damp/wet all the time). I might think of this more as a tortoise just on it's size, but I'm no turtle expert either :). Always of interest when you can look right into a subject with the editing of your photos. The little creatures living on this aquatic camper make me think of a water-flea or such; they don't seem especially beneficial. Remind me of the little fishes that attach themselves to sharks.

TexWisGirl said...

yup, i'd say red-eared slider, too. you must still be getting some warmer days there in KY to bring them out to seek sun. even here in TX they've been a bit scarce lately due to the frosts/freezes.